About Lynette Garet

Lynette GaretLynette Garet is a copywriter with over 20 years of experience and proficiency in traditional marketing, digital marketing, copy writing, editing, blogging, sales copywriting, optimized content creation, SEO, project management, voiceover work, narration, script writing, and production.

Raised in Southern California and the midwest, Lynette married and had 4 children at a  young age. When she was 18 she got her first job as a DJ and part of the morning team at US97FM, a local radio station in Springfield, Missouri.  In the years that followed, she DJ’d for other radio stations and night clubs.

Back in California as a single mom,  at 28 she decided she wanted a different kind of life for her children. With that, she accepted a job, had a garage sale,  packed up her kids and moved to San Jose, Costa Rica; it was absolutely the most positive decision she had ever made for her family.

Starting out as a customer service representative, Lynette soon realized that a training manual was desperately needed, so she took the liberty of writing one. Before long, she was placed in charge of training new employees, which soon led to a promotion to hiring manager; then, she developed, and became director of,  the company’s human resources department. After 3 years in HR, Lynette moved to the sales and marketing division, where she was made assistant general manager. Over the next ten years she would learn a great deal about copywriting, direct mail advertising, telemarketing and more.

Apprenticing to some of the best marketing minds in the gaming industry, Lynette took part in the creation of stats magazines, wrote scrips for video presentations, managed projects, produced photo shoots and videos,  helped develop the company’s first websites, learned the difference between writing web copy and print copy,  and ultimately developed  a broad spectrum of  marketing and advertising skills.

In 2009 the company sold and Lynette, along with other top management, lost her job. That may have been the best day of her career. She took the generous severance package she received and lived on that for the next year while she got her own  freelance marketing service, 8 Snap Communications, off the ground.

With Grown kids, an empty house and freelance employment on the web, Lynette sold her house in San Jose and moved to a little beach bungalow in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica where she took on her first major client, a vacation property management company in the luxurious Los Sueños Resort and Marina. When that contract ended, she took on a similar client and, as referrals came in, she soon had a number of clients in the hospitality industry.

Lynette knew that the days of traditional marketing were numbered so she  started learning about inbound marketing and social media, by taking classes online from her little jungle nest near the ocean. Before long, she was adept at all things digital marketing.

What She Does Best

Optimized content, copy writing and sales letters are Lynette Garet’s specialty. While she does handle other digital marketing services, her main focus is on getting your company to success the “write” way. Content is essential for organic ranking in today’s world, and good copy is an absolute must for getting those conversions you’re after. While she does provide other marketing services, excellent content and copy is her main focus.