Long-form Sales Funnel Copy for The School of Self-Image 

Client: Master Life Coach Tonya Leigh




Subject: Could you have a love like this? Spoiler: Yes!

Preheader: I’ve got love on my mind.  But, not in the way you may be thinking. 




Ah, February … Valentine’s day, Spring on the horizon …


I’ll admit it. I’m a hopeless romantic. 


Yesterday was Valentine’s day and, naturally, I’ve got love on my mind.  But, not in the way you may be thinking. 


I’m not musing over a love I can’t get out of my head.  I’m not looking for love.  I’m not longing for love. 


I’m thinking about self-love. 


Or, rather, the lack of self-love and how that affects so many of us and everything in our entire lives. 


I once had a friend who, when asked if she would date herself, joked, “Absolutely; I’d date me, be friends with me … whatever I could get away with!”


I thought, “Wow — what must it be like to be so self-confident; to love yourself that much?” 


Back then,  I was willing to do just about anything to keep my mind off of myself and avoid being with just me. 


I looked to others for validation. 


I looked to distraction for comfort. 


I’d watch TV, obsess about work, pick up the phone to call a friend, drink too much wine, or eat when I wasn’t even hungry — anything to avoid my own company or the thoughts in my head. 


My weight, my job, my family, the stress … 


In all honesty, “me, myself, and I”  just weren’t very nice to be with. 


You see, my consciousness had a mean, judgy, self-defeating streak. 


You may be familiar – she’s the one in your head that says things like: 


  • Look at everyone else. You’re so behind.  

  • You’re so fat; you need to get it together. 

  • OMG! You’re so overwhelmed. You’re drowning.

  • Everything is so hard. 

  • You’re so broke, You can’t even pay attention.

  • Oh, well. That’s just the way you are, honey! 

  • You’re just not good with (fill in the blank … )


Like so many of you, I was convinced that this was just who I was and there wasn’t much I could do about it. 


I certainly didn’t see myself as extraordinary, or even someone I particularly wanted to hang out with, let alone date, or “whatever I could get away with.” 


As a result, I was living an uninspired, dull life.  


Week after week, year after year, I slugged through life avoiding my own company, staying distracted, feeling overwhelmed, and – almost fine – but definitely not fabulous. 


I was stuck. 


Then one day someone asked me who I wanted to be in this world. 


This triggered some discussion, and I came to the conclusion finally that I wanted to be a worldly woman.


I wanted to be an elegant woman.


I wanted to live an extraordinary life.


And, I’m doing it. And, guess what …  


You can too.


On this day of love,  I want you to know something:  you get to have an extraordinary romance with yourself. 


And, a woman in love is a powerful force.  


  • She respects herself in her self-talk, in her dress, in what she allows.  She doesn’t disappoint herself with broken promises and hate speech towards herself.  She thinks highly of herself and shows up to prove it.  


  • She has goals that she’s excited to pursue, not because she’s trying to prove anything, but because she knows she only has this one beautiful life and she’s committed to it living it full out. 


  • She takes exquisite care of herself.  She doesn’t sacrifice her well-being to please and appease others.  She fills her own cup first and, as a result, her cup overfloweth. 


  • She doesn’t let people cross her boundaries.  She knows that she gets to decide what is allowed in her life and sometimes she chooses to love people from afar.  


  • She lights up rooms and attracts incredible people and opportunities into her life because love is magnetic.  


  • She invests in her well-being.  Whether it’s a day at the spa to relax and wind down or getting support to help her get out of her own way (because she knows support makes her more powerful), she doesn’t deny herself of what will move her life forward. 


If you’re reading this thinking, “But, Tonya … HOW???”… 


… I’ve got you covered. 


That question is the exact reason I launched The School of Self-Image. 


If you want to change your relationship with yourself and change your life, then you must change your self-image. 


Your self-image is how you see and think about yourself as well as what you think the world thinks of you. 


Your self-image is a mental picture that you create within your mind and then the world reflects it back to you.  


Your self-image determines: 


  • The questions you ask of yourself and the answers you give

  • The goals you set for yourself

  • How you treat your body

  • Who you spend time with, date, partner with, or marry 

  • How much money you make and how you spend it

  • The quality of your relationships with yourself and others

  • And, so much more … 


If you’re tired of living a stagnant, bored, overwhelmed, and uninspired life, the answer is to …


Create an Extraordinary Self-Image!


So … Are you ready to: 


  • Think highly of yourself — full of self-respect and self-love?

  • Know yourself deeply — what you love, what turns you on, what lights you up?  

  • See yourself as intelligent, extraordinary, captivating, and powerful?

  • Look into your eyes in the mirror and really love the woman you see?

  • Discover your own sensational style?

  • Create the ideal atmosphere that will allow you to blossom?

  • See yourself as the remarkable woman that you are?


If you are, then I want to invite you to join The School Of Self-Image today. 


Now. I wasn’t going to do this (February is such a short month, after all), but I’m so in love with love — how could I NOT invite you to have a love affair with yourself? 




You’ll have to hurry, though. The doors are only open for 72 love-filled hours. 


The School of Self-Image is the first coaching program of its kind that dives into the three determining areas that will transform your self-image:




How you think about yourself. Your gratitude attitude. Your focus.  How you think about others.  How you see the world.  Whether you see the glass as half empty or full. Your willingness to turn obstacles into opportunities.   


Every thought you think shapes your self-image.





What you wear.  How you walk into a room.  How you sign your name.  The scent you wear. How you communicate. How you respond. Your relationship with food and alcohol. 


Style is a reflection of your self-image.   




The people you spend time with.  The books you read.  Your home. The music you listen to.  Your social media interactions.  The places you visit.


Your environment shapes your self-image.  




In the School of Self-Image, we don’t just talk about change …


We EMBODY change by how we show up, the small daily choices we make, and the thoughts we choose to embrace – or reject.   


As a result, the world reflects our self-image back to us.  


Are you ready to decide what the world reflects back? 


You only have this one life – why not make it an extraordinary one?


I’ll see you on the inside,




PS: I’ve been working with beautiful women, just like you, for over ten years, and I’ve also created my own personal transformation. In that time, it’s become crystal clear to me why my clients and I have experienced success.


The answer is simple: we changed our self-image. 


Your self-image is creating your self-worth and that is reflected in your life. Only you can widen your limits to include yourself and everything that you want. Let’s broaden those horizons together to include the life you’ve been dreaming of and to encompass the extraordinary woman you truly are within.